Thursday, April 26, 2012

Time For Action!

Hello all,

First of all - how awesome is it to see our boys win their first playoff series since they arrived in Arizona? So many of you came out to the airport to greet them and I know they appreciate that more than you know! These guys just won't quit and can't wait to prove everyone wrong. Hard work and perseverance DOES pay off my friends! What an inspiration they are! Which brings me to my reason for writing. I know we don't want to think about the ownership situation amidst all this celebrating - but there are some very important matters going on in Glendale that need our attention.

The Glendale City Council members are working on their budget for next year and they seem to be losing patience with the NHL over the Coyotes situation. We are told Jamison is close to finalizing a deal to buy the team but we've yet to see it reach fruition.

The Mayor's stance has always been that she wants the Coyotes to remain in their Glendale home - but as time wears on and the ownership dilemma continues, she is becoming less and less patient and supportive.

Our Coalition Vice President Monique Reaux went to the Glendale City Council meeting tonight and spoke to Councilman Phil Lieberman, who continues to voice his opinions against the Coyotes. He told Monique that as of late he has not received one single email or phone call from anyone in support of keeping the Coyotes in Glendale. It is up to us to change this. You can find the contact information for the city council members here: And for Mayor Scruggs here:

If you have access to a blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc please help me share this message. We have seen our efforts make a huge impact on the situation in the past and our team needs us again - now more than ever.

If you live in the area, try to make some time to attend the Glendale City Council meetings. Even if the Coyotes aren't on the agenda - its good for the council members to see a room full of people wearing howling Coyote heads. Visit for information on the City Council meetings. The meetings are held in the Council Chambers Building of the Glendale Municipal Office Complex at 5850 W. Glendale Ave, Glendale, AZ.If you don't live in the area, you can still contact the city council members and the mayor via email to encourage their support and let them know we want our team to stay here. My mother always tells me that "the squeaky wheel is the one that gets the grease" so let's be squeaky wheels! :)

Let's also take advantage of the attention our team is getting right now. Tell people about our website, invite them to sign up for our newsletter. There is power in numbers and we can come together and be a very powerful force. Talk to your co-workers, your neighbors and friends. Talk to the people around you at the games, makes Save Our Coyotes signs & be sure to put our website on the sign ( so they know where to go for information.

Thank you Coyotes fans!!!
Heather McWhorter
President, The Coyotes Coalition