Thursday, June 21, 2012

Coalition News: Join the fight against Goldwater & help to educate Glendale citizens!

Hi all,

Just a quick update first of all to bring everyone up to speed - the city of Glendale was in court Tuesday to argue their case against the Goldwater institute

You can also hear NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman's comment regarding the situation, complements of Aaron at AZ Vibe Sports by clicking here.

Coyotes fans have come together via Facebook to form a Political Action Group that will help garner support to do what we can to win the fight against Goldwater. This Saturday at noon there will be a planning meeting for those interested in helping with the Political Action Group. The meeting will be held at McFadden's in Glendale. I strongly encourage Coalition members to support this and attend the meeting if possible. We could all benefit from each other's talents and individual abilities to what we can for our team. Those of you with law or political backgrounds could be a huge asset to this cause.

Here's is some additional information from the Political Action Group's Facebook page:

Joe Cobb and GWI are on the hunt for signatures to negate the lease agreement vote that took place on June 8th. They need 1862 signatures in order to push this to a referendum which will allow the residents of Glendale to vote on the lease agreement in NOVEMBER! 

What can we do as a group?
The county and city will only check the validity of 5% of the signatures. As a group, we can request the remaining signatures and cross reference them and try to invalidate the rest. The more help we have, the easier this job will be. Aside from that, we can be the voice of so many who want to speak out against GWI but don't know how. 

I am unsure at this point as to whether or not I will be able to attend the meeting myself, due to my work schedule. However, we will have representation from the Coyotes Coalition present at the meeting (look for Monique!)

We need "all hands on deck" to help with the work that will need to be done as Glendale continues to fight this court battle. You can get information for Glendale residents from this website. It is important that Glendale residents know the REAL issues going on here and not just what Goldwater is trying to make them believe. Word of mouth is going to be our biggest asset - so please talk to any Glendale citizen you know. Give them the link to the website. Whatever you can do will help. If you live in Glendale, talk to your neighbors. Invite them to this meeting so that they too can be informed and help to protect their city from losing Arena's anchor tenant. 

If you are one of our many long distance supporters, I am certain that there will be work that can be done via your computers or phones, I will keep you up to date with that and let you know how you can help. Keep watching here on our site for more information.

Speaking of our website, I hope you like our new design! It's been a long time in the making and I'm excited about how it's turned out. I hope that you will be too. If you have any pictures that you would like to submit for possible inclusion in our new slide show at the top of our home page, please feel free to email them to me. I will add on as many as possible. I'd like to have a diverse representation of Coyotes fans (dressed in your Coyotes gear, at Coyotes games, with players, and/or Coyotes management, Arena staff etc.) on our website and give everyone a chance to have their pictures up on the site! Let's show everyone how much fun we have thanks to our hockey team! :)

I hope all is going well and that you are enjoying your summer so far. Don't forget about the Coyotes Draft Party tomorrow at 18 Degrees in Scottsdale! The Draft parties are always a fun excuse to hang out with your hockey friends during the summer when we're all missing each other and our hockey team!  

Heather McWhorter
President, The Coyotes Coalition