Who We Are

Heather McWhorter, President & Founding Member (follow Heather on Twitter)
Monique Reaux, Vice President & Founding Member (follow Monique on Twitter)
Travis Hair, Founding Member

The Coalition is for every fan who supports the Coyotes staying in Arizona. We charge no membership dues and welcome anyone to join who supports us in our fight to keep NHL hockey in Arizona.

We live by the motto of “Preserving Our Desert Oasis” as we believe that hockey is our Oasis in the Desert - a tradition and legacy in our lives - and we want to keep it here for many years to come. We want to share it with our friends and family and celebrate a Stanley Cup win with our fellow Arizona residents. We believe that our team has not been given a proper chance to thrive here and this is the reason for the money loses and poor attendance records. We believe that under proper ownership, our team will thrive and will become a prominent part of the Arizona sports community.

Our goal moving forward is to support the Coyotes Organization and help to advance the development of hockey in the state of Arizona. We believe that a Coalition of hockey fans is a critical element in shaping the future of the Coyotes franchise and hockey in Arizona. We believe that fans want to participate and support the team, the Coalition gives them an outlet to show their support and to develop relationships with other fans and the organization. Utilizing social media outlets, social events and networking, the Coalition helps Coyotes fans stay in contact with the team and their fellow fans.